"We have paid big name speakers double and triple what Gordon charges and not had the same results. He helped us plan, he prayed with us, this was the best banquet ever. We could not have done this without him! We will definitely have him back!"   Delaware County Pregnancy Center, PA


God loves a cheerful giver, so why not use a comedian for your next fundraiser. Over the last few years, Gordon has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a variety of ministries and causes. Gordon takes part in over 30 fundraising events a year - primarily raising money for pregnancy centers. But he has also raised money to fight cancer, Habitat for Humanity, mission trips, Humankind Water, and so many more. Over 70% have Gordon back the next year. Why? Because he uses comedy to connect with the audience, powerfully present your vision or need, and has a unique way of encouraging people to partner with you financially. Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers in Nashville handles all of Gordon's fundraising events. You can contact her at 615-370-4700 ext. 235 or e-mail her at gloria.leyda@ambassadorspeakers.com to book your fundraiser!

If you are planning a banquet,

check out Mike's Williams website www.focusonthebanquet.com for some great tips and information provided by America's number one fundraiser ten years in a row!

Vie Medical Services in Pittsburgh, Kansas

Dear Gordon,

We wanted to thank you for being a part of our most successful banquet - ever!

Last year we raised over $51,000 and in 2013 we raised over $56,000!!  We've had several individuals (men to be exact!) tell us that they "can't remember when they have laughed so hard."  Someone even shared that he saw guests laughing that he knew hadn't laughed in months.

For the centers thinking about what to do for the next banquet or event  - laughter is an incredible medicine. Joy can penetrate the hardest heart. And  Gordon you are the perfect combination of heart and humor.

Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us!

Jennifer Schooley, Co-director

Lutheran Family/Child Services - Cape Girardeaux, Missouri 
     The goal was $6500 and received over $14,000   
     Gordon will be back doing 2 or 3 of their other statewide banquets
CareNet of Cochise County in Sierra Vista, Arizona
    Their biggest prior banquet raised $54,000 before the closing
    of part of the military base impacting the whole towns
    economy... after several down years, this year's banquet
    raised over $59,000!! 
    Gordon is returning this fall


Anyone can brag after one good event. Here is a sample of what God did at 6 of Gordon's most recent events. If raising money means saving lives, please consider Gordon for your next banquet.

If you work at a pregnancy center, please watch the video below to overcome your fear of using a comedian at your banquets. Be assured that Gordon will not make fun of your ministry or make light of the abortion epidemic. See for yourself that Gordon does what no other speaker does, in connecting with the audience, casting your vision, and motivating people to partner with you.

Brazos Pregnancy Center in Granbury, Texas
    Their goal was  $75,00 but they received 4 times more    
    then the year before in gifts and pledges! Already rebooked   
    Gordon for 2015.

Central Pa Youth Ministries in Shamokin Dam Pa
    They told Gordon they had a very successful event and met    
    their goal for the year and are having Gordon back next year

PRC of Sublette Co. Pinedale Wyoming 
     Their need was $15,000, their dream was $30,000....
     They received over $47,000 !
     Gordon will be returning this year